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Turbo Upgrades- Twin Turbo

  • SDP Dryflow air filter 5" Outerwears filter for SDP twin kit filter

    Replacement Air Filter- Dry flow

    Dry filter type air filter that works perfectly with our 2001-2010 (5" mouth, cone style), 2011-2016 twin turbo kits (5" mouth, oval style) and 3" Y-bridge kits (4" mouth, cone style) if you select the correct model.

    MSRP: $69.00
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  • S400 T6 turbo blanket

    S400 T6 Turbo blanket

    This blanket is a high quality multi layered fiberglass material made to wrap around a T6 S400 exhaust housing to keep the heat out of the engine bay. Perfect for your SDP compound turbo kit!

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  • SDP twin turbo kit Duramax LML Illusion Purple compound SDP twin turbo kit Duramax LML Illusion Orange compound

    SDP 2011-16 LML Twin turbo kit

    *In Stock! (1-3 days for coating and packaging) *Cannot be shipped to California addresses SDP Duramax 2011-2015  LML twins- up to 750RWHP   Instructions link- INSTRUCTIONS *If you do not currently have an aftermarket drivers side...

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  • S475 Billet Turbo

    SDP Billet S475 T6 turbo

    This is the same turbo we use in our twin turbo kits but it includes our Billet compressor wheel. It spools up noticeably quicker and will flow more air across the RPM range.

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  • Oil drain JIG tool for twin turbo SDP Drill JIG tool for oil pan

    SDP Drill JIG tool for oil pan

    If you want to get a perfectly square hole for your oil drain fitting when installing your twin turbo kit, this is the JIG tool you will need. It is much easier to run the tap into a round hole vs one that is ovaled out due to the drill bit hitting the...

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  • SDP LML Coolant pipe upgrade 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 powder coated

    SDP LML Coolant crossover pipe 2011-2016

    This is an upgrade to the factory upper coolant hose going to the radiator. We make ours out of 304 Stainless Steel so you can be worry free of rust and deforming as you would get from either steel or aluminum. We can add 1/8"NPT bungs as necessary so...

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  • S300/S400 kit on an LB7 SDP S366SX-E/Billet S480 twin kit 01-15

    SDP S366SX-E/Billet S480 twin kit 01-15

      750-1000RWHP Full kit with everything you need just like our standard twin kits do. Including 3" Y-bridge, 3" drivers side intercooler pipe and coolant tank. Call for info. Turbosmart HP wastegate option includes the 40mm wastegate, TIG welded...

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