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  • SDP Dryflow air filter 5" Outerwears filter for SDP twin kit filter

    Replacement Air Filter- Dry flow

    Dry filter type air filter that works perfectly with our 2001-2010 (5" mouth, cone style), 2011-2016 twin turbo kits (5" mouth, oval style) and 3" Y-bridge kits (4" mouth, cone style) if you select the correct model.

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  • S&B LB7 Cold Air Intake Kit- Dry Filter

    S&B LB7 Cold Air Intake Kit- Dry Filter

    ISO 5011 Filtration Testing. A mountain of dust and our 1/2 million dollar lab is how far we've gone to make sure your engine is protected. 99.44% efficient @ 653 CFM (ISO Coarse Dust). 48.39% more airflow than the stock intake!   Fits...

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