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  • LB7 Head Gasket Kit w/ ARP studs

    LB7 Head Gasket Kit w/ ARP studs

    Merchant Automotive Included in the Base kit: OEM Grade C Right and Left Head Gaskets36 New OEM Replacement Head Bolts All Needed Seals and Gaskets NOT INCLUDED in the kit :Turbo Drain Gaskets, Up Pipe to Turbo Gaskets, Turbo Outlet Gaskets (the...

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  • MA Duramax Pushrod Kit

    MA Duramax Pushrod Kit

    Anytime an engine is used for higher RPM then stock or higher boost levels, there is a tremendous amount of stress on the pushrods, add an aftermarket cam with higher lift and some heavy duty valve springs and they are simply not sufficient. ...

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  • MA High Performance Motor Mounts

    MA High Performance Motor Mounts

    These high performance motor mounts have been designed to maintain the alignment features of stock mounts while adding strength and durability of a high performance polyurethane mount for years of trouble free operation. By holding your engine firmly in...

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  • SoCal Billet Flex Plate

    SoCal Diesel’s billet flexplates are lighter and stronger than stock. They meet the new SFI 29.3 specification for competition use.   3 separate part numbers are properly counterweighted to install on an already assembled...

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  • SoCal Super Damper

    • SoCal Diesel is proud to introduce the Super Damper for GM Duramax Diesel Engines.• The Super Damper provides balanced dampening of torsional crankshaft vibrations at all RPM. •The Super Damper comes with...

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